The federal government controls 63% of Idaho’s natural resources. This results in complications for outdoor groups accessing our lands and eliminates high-wage job opportunities in our rural communities. The federal government’s inability to afford proper land management also contributes to extreme wildfires that endanger our health and property. Our natural resources are a source of wealth; they need to be managed wisely, protected better, and ensured for access by Idahoans.

Serving in Congress, I have made it a priority to tackle issues that are crucial to access and management of Idaho’s vast natural resources. From modernizing NEPA -- which will allow us to swiftly address areas that have been poorly managed and in danger of catastrophic wildfires -- to strengthening water security in the West, it is important that Idahoans have a voice in Congress advocating for solutions to these problems.

I realize the importance of bringing together Idaho’s stakeholders to help craft a plan for wise local management. Otherwise, we continue to rely on federal PILT payments, rural school funding, and other federal solutions that are often under-funded, neglectful to our land, result in increased catastrophic fires, and prevent high-paying job opportunities in our rural communities.