Healthcare should be affordable, accessible, and high-quality. Government mandates, inadequate cost containment, high drug prices, and lack of price transparency are increasing premiums and deductibles, making insurance unaffordable. Eight years of the Affordable Care Act resulted in skyrocketing health insurance premiums and unsustainable spending. In Idaho, annual premium costs have gone from $1,915 in the few years before Obamacare to $5,267 in years following the implementation of Obamacare. The average Idahoan might pay $12,000 for a simple shoulder surgery at one hospital and $22,000 for the same surgery at a different hospital.


Idahoans deserve access to high quality care at an affordable cost. We need health care reform that puts medical decisions in the hands of patients, families, and their doctors-- not bureaucrats in Washington or health insurance conglomerates. Patients also need to have skin in the game by knowing the price of the procedures and services they are purchasing, and not rely on a third party or the government to control both them and their doctors.


The U.S. pays for most of the drug development and innovation around the world, and yet, its drug companies face foreign government subsidies when selling their products overseas, leading to higher prices at home. This led me to cosponsor the Fixing Global Free Loading Act (H.R. 2209), which will help the U.S. get compensated for all the drug development and innovation it is responsible for.

My solution includes implementing “patient-centric alternatives” to lower these costs, while giving Idahoans more choice. These include Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Direct Primary Care, Charity Care, Medi-Share, Medical Memberships, Association Health Plans, buying insurance across state lines, expanded use of disease management and wellness programs, integrated technology, and lessened administrative rules to help lower the costs of healthcare and healthcare insurance.