Through my 24 years of work in the technology industry, I visited 47 countries and found a similarity between these vastly diverse places-- countries protect their borders. Protecting the sovereignty of our nation is one of the few clear responsibilities of Congress, and the security of our border has been neglected for far too long. Securing the southern border will reduce the flow of drugs into the United States, lessen dangers to women and children, and help to ensure the rule of law is respected in our country.

We can fix the immigration problems postponed by prior administrations. First, end chain migration and reform the visa lottery system. Second, transition to a merit-based system. This will attract people who not only want to be here, but who will also contribute to our economy. Third and finally, focus on assimilation. Generations of immigrants came to this country – legally and through a proper process – with the goal of “becoming Americans.” We need to encourage more of that.