I am strongly and consistently pro-life -- both at the beginning and at the end of life. Life begins at conception, and every unborn child has the inherent right to life. The unborn are the least capable of defending themselves, and in the most desperate need of protection. I have voted against every bill that does not uphold the right to life for the unborn and my first speech on the House floor emphasized my pro-life values and the need to protect the unborn.

My concern for life doesn’t end with the child. It includes ensuring women receive general gynecological care and proper maternal care during and after pregnancy. And, it includes strong geriatric care for the elderly in our society. Finally, we must not tolerate women being coerced into having an abortion.

In the Idaho legislature, I was a fervent supporter of pro-life legislation and received the “Friend for Life” award from Idaho Chooses Life and the “Legacy of Life” award from Stanton Healthcare -- a pro-life women’s health clinic. As I continue my work to protect the unborn in Congress, I have earned the 100% voting score from the National Right to Life and an A+ rating on Susan B. Anthony List's “National Pro-Life Scorecard.”


Below is a list of specific initiatives, bills, and letters I have supported in Congress to reach these goals. Click on the links or contact my office for more information.

  • Life at Conception Act (H.R.616): Declares that life begins at conception (fertilization) and grants the baby constitutional rights under 14th Amendment.

  • Women’s Public Health and Safety Act (H.R.888): Amends the title XIX of the Social Security Act to allow for greater State flexibility with respect to excluding providers who are involved in abortions.

  • Protecting Life and Taxpayers Act (H.R.833): Requires federally funded entities to certify they will not perform and will not provide funds to any other entity that performs, an abortion, except in cases of rape or incest or where a physical condition endangers the woman's life unless an abortion is performed.

  • Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act (H.R.296): Amends Public Health Services Act to prohibit HHS from providing Federal Family Planning grants to entities that perform abortions.

  • Taxpayer Conscience Protection Act (H.R.708): Directs each state to make Medicaid payments contingent on items or services furnished by an abortion provider.

  • Born Alive Survivors Protection Act (H.R.962): Requires a health care practitioner to exercise the same degree of care as reasonably provided to another child born alive at the same gestational age, and to admit immediately the child to a hospital. The bill also requires a health care practitioner or other employee to report immediately any failure to comply with this requirement to law enforcement.

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