Alexah Rogge 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Congressman Russ Fulcher voted NO on the progressive Democrat-led reconciliation “Build Back Better” (BBB) bill.

Congressman Russ Fulcher commented on his NO vote, “The size and scope of this 2,460+ page bill would be the largest expansion of government in our nation's history. Being pushed through the House without any Republican support, this legislation reflects the most extreme priorities of the House Democratic caucus, and would put our country one step closer to socialism. The passage of this extremely partisan bill makes today a sad day in our country’s history.” 

This bill is a large compilation of hundreds of topics -- an idea in itself that Congressman Fulcher has fought since his first year in Congress. Introducing the One Subject at a Time Act, Congressman Fulcher has been promoting the idea that individual topics should have their own bill, their own debate and negotiations, and their own opportunity to be passed through Congress without the baggage of extra unrelated provisions or ‘earmarks.’

Furthermore, one of Congressman Fulcher’s top priorities is to balance the United States budget and rein in national debt. Congressman Fulcher signed a letter calling on Speaker Pelosi to postpone any vote on the reconciliation bill until the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) had adequate time to properly analyze and report on the bill's fiscal impacts. After President Biden told the American people that the bill would cost zero dollars, the CBO reported, “CBO estimates that enacting this title would result in a net increase in the deficit totaling $454.1 billion over the 2022-2031 period.” Ranking Member of the Ways and Means Committee Kevin Brady, clarified this in his speech after the BBB vote,This bill--even counting the budget gimmicks--is several hundred billion dollars short today and the independent Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says over 10 years, it's closer to a $3 trillion national debt.

As Ranking Member of the Education and Labor Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Services, Congressman Fulcher has led committee hearings in order to examine the potential impacts of several of the BBB provisions in his committee’s germane jurisdiction. 

In addition, the Congressman has been closely involved in efforts to push back against countless proposals in the reconciliation bill which include Democrats’ provisions to:  

  • Mandate taxpayer funding for abortions
  • Fund President Biden’s IRS Banking Surveillance Apparatus
    • Congressman Fulcher has penned several letters and cosponsored many pieces of legislation that would stop this violation of Americans’ privacy. You can read more about his efforts on this issue here.
  • Force out faith-based child care providers
    • This blatant attack by the Democrats on the American family -- and the freedom of religion -- will be a huge detriment to our society. Congressman Fulcher fought against this proposal in the Ed & Labor Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Services where he outlined the important role that faith-based and non-profit child care providers play in Idaho’s communities and economy.
  • Create new incentives for illegal immigration
    • Congressman Fulcher visited the Southern Border and heard directly from border agents and local residents who described first-hand the consequences of a porous border. It was recently announced that illegal immigration at the southern border has over doubled since the same time last year. 
    • He commented on this proposal, “The incentives being presented -- financial and otherwise -- are directly correlated to the influx of illegal immigration happening at our southern border. With the current crisis at the border, it remains critical that we must prioritize national security.”