Daniel Tellez 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, U.S. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo and U.S. Representative Russ Fulcher (all R-Idaho) celebrated the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s decision to extend hours for the Porthill Port of Entry. CBP’s announcement comes after Risch, Crapo, and Fulcher wrote Executive Assistant Commissioner Pete Flores encouraging CBP to extend hours at Porthill as a part of the pilot program that would evaluate traffic flow.

“Porthill serves a vital role connecting North Idaho’s economy with Canada. It also is an increasingly important link allowing tourism in the Gem State. I’m proud Senator Crapo, Representative Fulcher, and I were able to convince the Biden administration to extend the port’s hours. I will continue advocating for our port to return to the normal, pre-pandemic hours of 7 am until 11 pm,” said Risch.

“North Idaho communities thrive with well-regulated cross-border traffic,” said Crapo. “Expanding the hours at Porthill is a welcome first step, as this will provide Idaho businesses and communities greater opportunities for trade, retail and visiting friends and family. I look forward to eventual parity for operating hours between Porthill and Rykerts, BC.”

“I am pleased to hear that CBP agreed to extend the operating hours for the Porthill Port of Entry in Bonners Ferry for a 120-day trial period,” said Fulcher. “This is a critical step towards ensuring that businesses in Boundary County and the surrounding communities are able to operate without interruption and that cross-border travel, commerce, and cultural ties can be restored to pre-pandemic levels. I would like to thank CBP for their response to our request and for recognizing the importance of this port of entry to the economic and cultural well-being of our region. I look forward to monitoring the trial period's progress, discussing the results with CBP, and working with them to reinstate pre-pandemic operating hours that match the Canadian government’s current schedule."

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