KAMIAH - Congressman Russ Fulcher will be in Kamiah at 1 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, October 31 at the Hearthstone Bakery for a Town Hall to meet with local constituents and provide an update on legislative activity in D.C. 

Now that Mike Johnson has been elected as Speaker of the House, legislative business is back in order and there are a lot of moving parts in D.C. 

“We are facing a war in the Middle East, record-high inflation, an open southern border, and 12 appropriations bills we still need to work through,” Congressman Fulcher said. “I want to answer all of your questions firsthand and get to talk with the good folks in Kamiah about what is important to you before I head back to D.C.” Fulcher concluded.

If you have a question or want a legislative update, stop by 502 Main Street Kamiah, ID 83536 on Tuesday, October 31. For active updates on this event, please visit facebook.com/reprussfulcher.