Alexah Rogge 

WASHINGTON— Congressman Fulcher joined dozens of his Constitution-defending colleagues to sign an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court Case New York State Rifle Association v. NYC. The New York State Rifle Association is challenging New York City’s near-prohibition on possessing or transporting handguns.

The amicus brief makes three arguments:

I. The Second Amendment enshrines the fundamental right of citizens to protect themselves from violence and tyranny

II. Courts should place a heavy burden on the government to show that a restriction on the right to keep and carry weapons does not violate the Second Amendment

III. Speculative public-safety concerns cannot justify broad restrictions on the right to bear arms

Fulcher commented, “For those living in anti-gun states, this case is a sign of hope as one of two Second Amendment challenges to be reviewed by the Supreme Court in nearly a decade. The Second Amendment rights in this country are not something liberal states can ‘opt-out’ of.”

To read the full amicus brief, click here.