Alexah Rogge 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After hosting two recent tele-town halls with over 10,000 listeners from Idaho’s First District, Congressman Fulcher noticed a pattern in the wide array of concerns brought up by constituents during the Q&A sessions.  

Much of the legislation, concerns, and topics mentioned by Idahoans during the tele-town hall were in relation to unease with the scope and operations of the federal government. From career politicians to out of control government spending and debt-- a large majority of these concerns fell into this general field. 

“Our tele-town halls displayed a clear message - Idahoans want restraints and limits over the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.,” commented Congressman Fulcher. “Rather than unite us, the current Administration is driving divisional wedges by expanding the power of the federal government and careening our Treasury into insolvency. These legislative fixes are not new, but they are critically necessary to preserve our country’s faith in our Constitutional Republic -- no matter what Administration is in power.”

Over the course of the next two weeks, Congressman Fulcher will be highlighting some of his highest priorities in Congress to tackle government overreach, out of control spending, and accountability in Washington, D.C. 

These bills include topics such as earmarks, executive branch restraints, term limits, Balanced Budget Amendment, and One Subject At A Time Act.

The first is the One Subject at a Time Act, a bill introduced by Congressman Fulcher to require each piece of legislation to cover a single topic, stopping large omnibus bills, and ensuring transparent and singular votes on each subject. This legislation would help eliminate massive government waste and overspending, creating a more genuine voting process for Members, and preventing substantial appropriation bills like the recently passed Biden COVID “Relief” package. 

“Now more than ever, since the House of Representatives passed the massive Biden COVID “relief” legislation, the One Subject at a Time Act needs to be a part of the conversation to eliminate pet projects, and allow for clarity,” said Congressman Fulcher. “This legislation will end large ‘must-pass’ bills, and work to restore confidence in our representative government.”