Simpson, Fulcher Introduce Bill to Authorize Maintenance on Salmon River
Legislation would improve recreation facility at Smith Gulch Idaho Congressmen Mike Simpson and Russ Fulcher introduced legislation to authorize important, routine maintenance at Smith Gulch on the Salmon River in Idaho. The bill would allow the use of limited maintenance equipment needed to maintain the routine functions and safety of the existing lodge.

"The proposed bill is an effort to clarify Congress' intent in legislation passed in 2004 to retain the basic characteristics of the Lodge without substantially altering the existing use," said Congressman Simpson. "The use of maintenance equipment would allow the lodge to eliminate the reliance on outdated energy sources and replace them with modest renewable energy sources, all while complying with existing laws."
"The government should never hinder the ability of Idahoans to improve our own communities. I am happy to join Congressman Simpson to clear up this misunderstanding and maximize the use of federal lands," commented Rep. Fulcher. "I look forward to seeing the needed improvements to our recreation facility at Smith Gulch."

Currently, the Forest Service does not believe it has clear authorization to permit the use of the equipment necessary for the general upkeep of the facilities at the lodge. This bill clarifies the authorization so the corridor can be managed as it was intended under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
The bill passed the House of Representatives in 2014 by a vote of 398-1 and was included in the public lands package that was introduced at the end of the 115th Congress and again in the 116th. Senators Jim Risch and Mike Crapo introduced companion legislation.