WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Fulcher released the following statement: 

"The wide-open Southern Border continues to be the most dangerous exposure to the United States for human trafficking, terrorism, drugs, and illegal migrants to enter unabated. The White House’s spending spree has crippled American families with high inflation and unsustainable energy prices. That's why conservatives voted to secure the Southern Border, restrain spending, and bring the House Floor to regular order in the appropriations process."

"The House of Representatives has passed several appropriations bills over the last few months to fund more than 70% of the Federal Government. To be clear, Chuck Schumer’s Senate has not passed any regular appropriation bills. Throughout this entire process, I have supported efforts to keep the government funded, control spending, and end chaos at the Southern Border. Unfortunately, the most recent Continuing Resolution does not address these pressing matters my constituents want addressed. Therefore, I opposed this final Continuing Resolution."