Author: Kevin Miller, KIDO

The Billionaires Summer Camp continues in Sun Valley this week as some enterprising reporters have had the opportunity to share what happens once a year in their super-secret world. We reported on the start of the event earlier in the week.  The Intermountain News has a local perspective of how the 'Master's of the Universe impacts Sun Valley's communities. The news gives us a quick look at the influential sports leaders who are in Idaho this week.  

"From the sports world, Boston Red Sox owner John Henry, Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also received invitations to Sun Valley. According to Variety, high-profile journalists Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, Van Jones and Gayle King also made the guest list."

Do the folks who visit Sun Valley represent Idaho? Congressman Russ Fulcher shared his thoughts on the annual gathering. "First of all, it's nice to have facilities like that, and it's good to have notoriety. I've used them myself." He expanded on how people feel about their home state. "That's not Idaho to me; Idaho, to me, is the value system that has built this nation and still survives in a large portion of our state."

We asked Congressman Fulcher his thoughts on how to protect Idaho from folks who have different values. He replied, "if someone wants to come here and have an event, that's great, but I'd say to them the same thing that I say to everyone else that comes to Idaho. Welcome to Idaho. Don't forget why you came here because you left something that's better than where you were."

Congressman Fulcher advised the money class to be authentic. He says it's how to communicate with others that makes a difference in Idaho. "How you engage now with all you rich guys touching down in Hailey have a great time, remember that you're in Idaho, and the reason that you are coming here is that you left somewhere that's not nearly as pleasant. There's a reason for that; there's a value system, there's a culture, there is a mindset, a way of life, and an appreciation for our history that you don't have, so take a lesson and go learn from it." 

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