A handful of Republican Congressmen on Monday sent a letter to CNN, slamming the network's president, Jeff Zucker, for refusing to air President Donald Trump's re-election campaign ads. According to the letter, the group believes CNN violated federal law and Supreme Court precedent by refusing to air Trump's ads.

The group argues CNN has the First Amendment right to decide what kind of content it produces, even if it means Americans decide to obtain their news elsewhere, but refusing to air the ad surpasses their right to free speech.

"As your news organization seems to have lost all sense of objectivity, spinning itself into oblivion to support left-leaning candidates and participating in distortion against conservative candidates, you have still operated within the boundaries of the First Amendment," the letter reads. "CNN has the right to spout your political commentators' opinion while millions of Americans change the channel to something else. The law of the land and the Supreme Court precedent protect your right to be loudly wrong."

Author: Beth Baumann

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