By Samantha Dietel | Idaho Capital Sun 

Republican lawmakers are concerned that the Biden administration is interpreting last year’s bipartisan gun safety law to cut funding for school archery and hunting programs, though programs themselves say they haven’t been affected.

A provision in the law – a bipartisan effort to curb gun violence that established new criminal offenses, and expanded background check requirements and the scope of existing restrictions, according to the bill summary – bans education funding for “training in the use of a dangerous weapon.” Republicans in Congress have noted concern that could lead to funding cuts for school programs that encourage gun safety.


The representatives, including Idaho's Russ Fulcher, praised the long safety records of such programs and the opportunities that they provide for students.

“These scholastic programs are where millions of kids learn safe and responsible firearm handling and storage, and this egregious, irresponsible overreach by your Department will have far-reaching negative consequences,” the representatives wrote.

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