Author: Jillian Angeline, Gray TV

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Idaho Rep. Russ Fulcher said the state still has a small number of cases of coronavirus. The Governor did announce a shelter-in-place order last Wednesday. Fulcher said people are adhering to the order "for the most part".

The Congressman is most focused on connecting large manufacturing companies in Idaho with other states who need the most help. Percussionaire, based in Idaho, invented the first medical ventilator and is one of the largest producers of ventilators in the country, according to Fulcher.

"So far, most of their orders have come through various states, California, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and so that's who they are helping in the short term, but they're on tap should HHS or FEMA need them," said Fulcher.

Fulcher, at the moment, is most concerned about the economic impact the virus is having on the country.

"The economic toll is tremendous," he said.

He said people are holding strong now, but he is not sure how much tolerance people will have for the continued quarantine guidelines.

"There's a shelf life as to how long people are going to want to continue to do that," he said.

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