Author: Clearwater Tribune Staff, Clearwater Tribune

Washington, D.C. – Idaho Delegation released the following statements after U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill temporarily blocked the Administration’s rule that supports Idaho’s Sage Grouse management plan.

“Decisions about Sage Grouse habitat should involve sound, peer-reviewed science and consider the collaborative efforts on the ground between federal agencies, state agencies, Idaho habitat recommendations and those living closest to the areas involved,” said Senator Mike Crapo. “This recent ruling ignores the sound research and work of individuals on the ground.”

“Once again, Idaho’s plan to conserve Sage Grouse is being threatened by politically-driven litigation. This continuous cycle of rewarding activist environmental groups instead of properly implementing Idaho’s science-based plan only endangers the very species these activist groups claim they are trying to protect,” said Senator James Risch. “Idaho’s conservation plan was developed by a diverse group of stakeholders using the best available science. The plan ensures workability for local communities, and it is this collaborative process that should ultimately prevail.”

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