Author: Ryan Saavedra, Daily Wire

House Democrats on the Education and Labor Committee blocked two budget amendments late on Tuesday night that would have banned illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded COBRA benefits in Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package.

“Mr. Chairman, this package establishes an 85% Premium reduction for individuals enrolled in COBRA, the continuation coverage, and reimburses employers for this cost through the payroll tax credit,” Rep. Russ Fulcher (R-ID) said. “My amendment would ensure that taxpayer dollars or tax credits for COBRA coverage in this legislation will only go to those with lawful immigration status. [Mr.] Chairman, America is a nation of laws and regardless of the previous conversations, citizenship is the basis for those laws, and rightfully so.”

“American law doesn’t apply the same outside of our borders as it does within our borders,” he continued. “And citizenship comes with privileges; it also comes with some costs. The privileges are services and protections that come with being a citizen. The cost are taxes. I’ve heard some of the previous comments and … yes, non-citizens pay some taxes. Yes, they do. But not in the same frame as citizens do. When we provide privileges without requiring costs, we dilute the value of … citizenship and we discourage those that pay the bill, and by the way, we discourage those who we represent and who vote for us.”

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