Author: Haley Squiers, CBS 2 News

Congressman Russ Fulcher is in Washington DC with the new legislative session. He says he disagrees with how some of his colleagues are choosing to start things off.

"We're still going to be dealing with a War Powers issue tomorrow," Congressman Fulcher said. "And, I just think that it's disappointing that some of my colleagues are pursuing the way they are."

But, Congressman Fulcher says everyone he's spoken with personally agrees Soleimani was a dangerous man.

"We should be able to rally around that," Congressman Fulcher. "And, I'm hopeful that we'll still be able to do it, that's my effort here. And, I know that the effort of the rest of the Idaho delegation is we have to lift the airplane up, get past the partisanship, and just try to come together. When it comes to Americans safety, there's no room for partisanship."

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