While most of the nation’s talking heads were focused on President Trump, and whether he would accept dirt on his opponents from foreign sources, Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher was working on other priorities.

He was meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a small group of Republicans and Democrats to see if they could break the logjam on Mexico border security.

The effort failed miserably. Pelosi refused to budge on border security. Fulcher and others were not asking for a border wall, mind you. They were seeking $4.4 billion just to bring some order to the mess at the southern border.

“Yes, that’s $4.4 billion in additional spending, but we’re spending that much and more because we are dealing with people who are rushing the border and they are showing up in hospitals, schools and community doorsteps,” he said. “We’ve got to have the resources to restore order, because there is no order now.”

In the last month, he said, there have been 144,000 apprehensions at the border, with many of those being unaccompanied minors. Some are sick.

“We put together a package that has nothing to do with the wall, but everything to do with more beds, medicine and personnel to handle the situation,” Fulcher said. “From a humane perspective, we need to have some help and resources there, and she simply would not consider it.”

Author: Chuck Malloy

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