Author: Joe Parris, KTVB

BOISE, Idaho — On Thursday, Idaho Governor Brad Little presented a four-step plan to reopen the state amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Still though, Idaho small business owners say they need help now.

Idaho Rep. Russ Fulcher says that help is coming.

“By law we are preventing people from making a living right now, and as long as that is the case, there is an obligation to provide some relief,” Fulcher said.

Fulcher spoke Thursday on the House Floor in Washington, D.C., about getting help to businesses in Idaho through the Paycheck Protection Program.

That program passed hours later Thursday. 

Fulcher says he knows people are hurting. 

“The sooner we can hit the gas on this economy, the better. Let’s not think for a minute it’s going to be automatic; it’s going to take time it’s going to take stages, it’s going to take recovery,” Fulcher said.

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