Idaho's congressional delegation reacts to Mueller report findings

"For me, there was no news in Mueller's report," Sen. Risch said. "I reached the same conclusion as Mueller: President Trump did not collude with the Russians."

March 25, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — Following the initial findings of the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into President Trump, three of Idaho's four congressmen have weighed in on the report.

Republican Senator Jim Risch, who is a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a statement on Sunday saying, "For me, there was no news in Mueller's report. We have reviewed thousands of documents including dozens of witness statements throughout the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation, and I reached the same conclusion as Mueller: President Trump did not collude with the Russians."

"Special Counsel Robert Mueller deserves recognition for conducting a straightforward investigation into Russia's attempted interference in our elections, despite the magnifying glass he worked under over the past two years," Risch continued.

Republican Representative Russ Fulcher did not release a statement, but did tweet that following the investigation, Congress should "get back to work."

Republican Senator Mike Crapo released a statement on the Mueller report Monday afternoon, saying, "I have repeatedly said this investigation should come to a conclusion without interference from either side of the political aisle."

Rep. Mike Simpson also responded to the Mueller investigation Monday afternoon, saying in a statement, "I have said from the beginning that I oppose foreign intervention in U.S. elections, and I was disappointed in President Obama's weak response to Russian meddling, even well before the 2016 Presidential election."

He continued, "Hopefully, Congress can now move forward with pressing issues that face our nation including border security, immigration reform, and repairing our aging infrastructure as well as focusing on fiscal year 2020 appropriations."