By Congressman Russ Fulcher | The Gem State Patriot

By taking unprecedented steps to repeatedly prosecute former President Donald Trump, the Department of Justice (DOJ) stands as a prime example for why Washington, D.C., is known as “The Swamp.” These are non-elected personnel, acting with clear political bias, using U.S. law as a weapon. The only thing that rivals their level of bias against Trump is their lack of appetite to pursue Biden family indiscretions. 

Every election cycle, Americans select their House, Senate, and Presidential representation. By executing their right to vote, the American people help keep checks and balances on the branches of government. But now we have the likes of… Jack Smith. Yes, Jack Smith. He’s the “special counsel” selected to prosecute Donald Trump. Jack Smith is a guy appointed by another guy that was appointed (A.G. Merrick Garland), and whose politically motivated directives could set precedents that are harmful to our Republic.


The process is not easy, nor should it be… as it can result in supplanting one of the three separate but equal branches of government. The point is… our Founders were wary of oppressive forces, so they made the question of political disputes a hallmark of the U.S. House and Senate – NOT executive prosecutorial discretion.

Political weaponization of the law by the DOJ and prosecutors is exactly what blind lady justice should avoid. Such a path opens a pandora’s box of “what’s next.” Donald Trump is appreciated by some and despised by others, but in his case, the motive of the “D.C. Swamp” is to neutralize his Presidential candidacy.

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