U.S. Representative Russ Fulcher went on 670 KBOI to discuss Speaker Nancy Pelosi's impeachment announcement.

"Frankly I'm a little bit offended," Rep. Fulcher said, "because typically when this type of a thing is carried out and these hearings are undertaken, then the entire congressional body is supposed to have a say in that."

He continues to describe what he thinks is a political attack on the Trump administration.

"The last time that we voted on this or a related item to impeachment it was an overwhelming no," said Rep. Fulcher.

Rep. Fulcher is confident that Speaker Pelosi made the decision because her party is in support of the idea.

He says the decision as politically backed, citing issues in the past regarding Donald Trump's presidency. Specifically mentioning Russia, the Mueller Report, Taxes, and the election.

"Now we got this Ukraine thing," Rep. Fulcher continues, "...the madness goes on."

Author: CBS 2 News Staff

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