Alexah Rogge 

WASHINGTON-- Congressman Fulcher co-sponsored a bipartisan bill to counter the rise of anti-Semitism. H.R. 943, the Never Again Education Act will provide schools with content outlining the historical realities of the Holocaust, and will counter recent trends on anti-Zionism, which often masquerades as an excuse to engage in anti-Semitism. This bipartisan bill is co-sponsored by 280 House Members, including Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson.

“I have never understood how people could engage in anti-Semitism,” said Congressman Fulcher. “I will defend the Jewish people from those who push bigotry and hate against them. The Holocaust happened, the Nazi Regime was responsible, and false propaganda or fake ‘anti-Zion’ campaigns do not change the fact that there are hostile governments in the world who attack people because of their religion. We have an obligation to use the realities of history to teach our children that discrimination of any kind has no place in America. People should respect one another.” 

H.R. 943 authorizes the federal Department of Education (DOE) to provide grants for teaching about the Holocaust. The emphasis will be on the treatment of people of Jewish origin by the Nazi government before and during World War II. This will include education content to address efforts to deny, distort, or otherwise seek to revise the history of the scale, gravity, and humanitarian consequences of the Holocaust. 

The purpose of this education is to ensure future generations are aware of the Holocaust, not only to understand the historical reality, but also to learn the lessons of the Holocaust as a means to raise awareness about the importance of preventing genocide, hate, and bigotry against groups of people. This education will also include information regarding the identification and targeting of groups for persecution due to a “racial inferiority” throughout history. This ranges from Roma Gypsies, the disabled, and peoples of Slavic descent to groups persecuted on political, ideological, and behavioral grounds.