WASHINGTON-- Rep. Fulcher released the following statement regarding the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019. 

“When it comes to budget planning, the easy decision is to spend. Having an unlimited line of credit pleases more people than making cuts to spending and balancing a budget. This piece of legislation neglects to acknowledge the elephant in the room: our growing $22 trillion debt. 

In the past six years, our budget caps have been raised a total of $440 billion-- with only a small fraction of this being paid for through spending cuts. This bill proposes to raise this cap by another $320 billion-- almost as much as the past six years total. In addition, our debt ceiling would be suspended until 2021. 

I am not in Congress to make the easy decisions and I stand by my commitment to fiscal responsibility. This decision is in line with my campaign promises and is consistent with my track record of standing up for the taxpayer. I oppose this bill.”