Did you know that we have yet another hidden treasure in the Gem State? And, it’s not what you’re thinking.

It is the ability to transfer goods with efficiency, speed, and in an environmentally friendly way. Amazingly, a train can move 500 miles of freight on just one gallon of fuel. Each year, 1.4 million loads of freight travels through Idaho on the BNSF railway system – a significant contributor to our economy.

In April, I visited the BSNF Hauser Refueling Facility in Sandpoint, ID. The BSNF team briefed me on the Sandpoint Junction Connector Project, their plan to reduce railway congestion by introducing a second parallel track.

Currently, freight trains are required to idle while waiting to cross the existing single-track railroad. Adding a second track will reduce this wait time and significantly improve the performance of our Idaho freight traffic. As a result, local motorists will see shorter wait times as well as an improvement with the flow of freight and passenger trains throughout the region...

Author: U.S. REP. RUSS FULCHER Guest Opinion

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