Alexah Rogge 

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Earlier this week, Congressman Russ Fulcher sent out an informational mailer to update his constituents in Idaho’s First District. The company used to print and ship this mailer mistakenly sent 15% to residents of the neighboring Second District, represented by Congressman Mike Simpson. The costs associated with this error have been reimbursed. 

Congressman Simpson replied to Congressman Fulcher’s tweet about the vendor’s error, “No Worries, Russ.”

Rep. Fulcher commented, “It is my responsibility to talk to my constituents and mailers are an efficient avenue. My team swiftly realized the printing company’s mistake and due diligence was taken to quickly resolve this situation. We will continue to keep in touch with First District Idahoans and I appreciate all of the positive feedback and suggestions we’ve already received from this mailer.” 

Rep. Fulcher’s Communications Director stated earlier this week, “As a Freshman Member of Congress, it is important that Rep. Fulcher communicate with his ID-01 constituents-- to let them know of our office locations, contact information, the services our office provides, and to ask for their feedback on current issues. Mailers are a very effective way of doing this; but Congressional offices cannot execute a project of this size inside of their own office, so it is typical to use a third party vendor to handle the logistics of printing and sending out the mailer. The vendor that was used made a mistake when sorting the addresses and a portion of people in the Second District received the mailing. The vendor has taken complete responsibility for this mistake and the vendor has reimbursed the taxpayer dollars that were associated with this error.”

The Idaho Statesman also reported on this issue, “Company errs in sending out Idaho congressman’s mailing, reimburses taxpayers’ cost.”