WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Fulcher joined with the entire Idaho Congressional Delegation to introduce the "Don’t Develop Obstructive Infrastructure on our Terrain" (Don’t DO IT) Act. This legislation would prevent the Secretary of Interior from approving a wind or solar project on federal lands if the Legislature in the respective state has passed a resolution of disapproval. This legislation comes as the proposal to build a 400-turbine wind-generating facility in the Magic Valley in Eastern Idaho has been matched with strong opposition from Idaho residents.  

The Idaho State Legislature has already adopted a resolution opposing this project with unanimous support. Congressman Russ Fulcher is joined by Rep. Mike Simpson (ID-02) in the House of Representatives in introducing the legislations alongside Senator James E. Risch and Senator Mike Crapo leading the same bill in the Senate. 

“I appreciate working with Congressman Simpson, Senator Risch, and Senator Crapo to prevent the federal government from trying to run roughshod over the State of Idaho when it comes to energy projects that can’t make it on their own in the market.  With my colleagues, I opposed the Lava Ridge Wind Project because it undermined Idahoans’ way of life.  I stand with my colleagues and the people of Idaho in supporting the Don’t DO IT Act,” said Rep. Fulcher.  

“The Lava Ridge Wind Project has proven to be out of touch with Idahoans,” said Rep. Simpson. “Throughout the last year, I have taken significant actions in opposing this project and advocating for Idaho’s best interests. The Don’t DO IT Act is common-sense legislation that puts the people of Idaho first. I will always work to protect Idahoans’ way of life, and I am proud to work with the Idaho Delegation and ensure the Magic Valley is not trampled by this proposal.” 

“Idahoans have been loud and clear on Lava Ridge: Don’t DO IT! Yet, the Department of the Interior is still moving full speed ahead,” said Sen. Risch. “The Don’t DO IT Act will empower Idaho and other states to prevent the federal government from implementing unwanted, obstructive, and misaligned wind and solar energy projects on public land, like Lava Ridge.”  

“Idahoans know what is best for their land and livelihoods,” said Sen. Crapo.  “Allowing state legislatures to have oversight on new wind and solar projects on federal land means the federal government and its agencies take into consideration the will of the people closest to the project.” 


The Lava Ridge Wind Farm is a proposed 1000+ megawatt wind project planned for use on Bureau of land Management land in the counties of Jerome, Lincoln, and Minidoka (about 25 miles north east of Twin Falls). The Wind Farm is a project of Magic Valley Energy. The site in the counties of Jerome, Lincoln, and Minidoka may include up to 400 individual turbines. Alongside the individual turbines, there will also be the installation of election collection and transmission lines, substations, communications equipment, battery storage facilities, and operations and maintenance facilities.