WASHINGTON-- Congressman Russ Fulcher has been chosen to serve on the Natural Resources Committee and the Education and Labor Committee for the 116th Congress.

Congressman Fulcher's statement on the announcement:

"With its massive implication to Idaho's economy and way of life, I am delighted to be chosen as a member of the Natural Resources Committee. This committee assignment gives Idaho's First District a voice in dealings pertaining to water, timber, minerals, grazing, and natural resource related issues. I will use this opportunity to encourage more flexibility and authority over local resource management practices.

Having worked in the Idaho Senate on education, I look forward to joining the Education and Labor Committee. It is my hope to use this role to empower state and local government to enrich the educational experience of children in the first district. In order for our local tech and service based economies to prosper, it is important to ensure our educational institutions provide the necessary curriculum to support these career paths."